Hey guys, I am 15 years old and I have been a guitar player since February 2010 (So, six years.). Since I am currently on school break, I have extended my practice time to 12-13 hours a day, as I am preparing for big show in August. On school nights, depending on my homework routine and schedule, I practice roughly 3 hours a night. For the last 3 days I have been experiencing great pain on the tip of my middle finger of my left hand (I m a right handed guitarist.). I have developed a spot where the pain is felt, it is dull, little to no color, and does not show the lines or contours like normal skin on the rest of my hand. Although I am positive this is not callous as I have had a callous on almost every finger on my left hand for 3-4 years. Can someone help please? This is painful and annoying! I need opinions on what this strange spot on my finger is and how to at least ease the pain if I can't completely get rid of it.

Also, I play a lot of metal and rock. I am inspired by Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen and George Lynch and my playing invovled technique similar to theirs (Not as good as theirs but in their style.), e.g., Tapping, Legato playing, Strong bending and alot of pulloffs and hammer ons, so I don't know if it helps answering this question at all?
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Sounds like it could be a blister forming, in which case you'd best just leave it alone a few days to go away.
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Isn't it fairly obvious that you may be playing a bit too intensively? Have a break for a few days and limit your practice time a bit. Brain can learn only so much without sleep. Thirteen hours a day isn't that efficient. This is my personal first thought.