Hello forum folk.

Just picking up guitar, at 44, bought myself one end of June before a week vacation at the beach. My wife asks: "are you taking that thing with us?" me: "sure, I can focus on this and forget about work"

So, played every day but one; read daily about techniques, theory; youtube'd until my eyes bled; having a blast.

My only instrument attempt was in 4th grade - violin via the Suzuki method, didn't practice, was a train wreck, been to intimidated to try anything else since. Always loved music, and love the power of songs to transport me to places/times before.

Anyways, bought my kids a Squire/Fender Mini for Chirstmas two years ago, and was too small for my meat paws. My daughter received a pink dreadnaught for her birthday last month from a distant relative who meant well, way to big for a 6/7 year old, but my hands fit it. Terrible build quality/setup (needs tuning daily, and 2 buzzing frets on 2 strings) and no skill/time/tools to file them down, but wondered....

did the usual internet quickie research and a few hours later was at the local GC picking out an Epiphone Les Paul. Played it on my kids digi-fender amp (came as kit with their squire) before we left town, but didn't want to take that to the beach. Amazon Prime for a new iRig, my iphone+Amplitude to our portable beach speakers = me happy, wife = annoyed == success!!!

Anyways, I've learned tons from other forums specific to other hobbies/passions, so hoping to learn on UG and at some point be able to give back.