What (in your opinion) is the best Metal Sub-Genre? (Be Serious)
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Progressive vegetarian grindcore, obviously.
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post-nu-jazzgrind buttmetal
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Sludge, stoner, OSDM, some progressive DM, thrash, and extreme metal like Meshuggah
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"Whatever one s the least cringey."

"Who listens to metal anymore? We listen to electronica/EDM/dubstep."

"Post in the right sub-forum, noob."

"Your mom's sub-genre."
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Heavy Metal & Power Metal
drone doom but with a big asterisk of *if you never go on Bandcamp

idk prog and the metallier mathcore tickles my giblets but I can't listen to it all day. For general listening probably "sludge" or funeral doom
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lylecore obviously

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
Prog and tech-death.


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