Hello guys, I explain:

Some time ago, I became aware that there were PC software that helps adding pedal and amp effects to your guitar, some examples being Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Cubase, etc. I kinda like the idea a lot because, besides saving money on hardware, it also provides a lot of presets made by the community for specific songs. To be clear, I wanna state that my only purpose with these programs is real-time playing, I don't care about recording, mixing or whatever. So there I was, thinking..."How the hell am I gonna connect the guitar to the PC if this hasn't any jack port?" You are gonna be SURPRISED the hard that it was for me to find out that exists some devices called "audio interface" that help to connect guitar to PC and that, unlike usb-jack cables, they reduce latency. Now, I've been told that the interface is not the only thing I need to achieve my objective, but also I would need a good PC with good processor to get decent low latency. I ain't got an i7 but I think my fx-6300 will suffice(Has anyone ever proven in real-time with an AMD proccesor or, better, with mine?) Well, so, being disposed to take a leap of faith, I went on to search for interfaces through internet. I'm not disposed to pay more than 100 dollars for them. Basically, because in that case I buy myself some pedals. To my sorrow, there are too many choices for that range of price..and I don't wanna spend days reading about Audio Interfaces. So I've come to you to ask help.. The choices I've got are(concerning stores in my country):

Presonus AudioBox ione
Presonus Audio Box USB
Behringer UMC202HD
Behringer UMC204HD
Lexicon LAMBDA
Phonic FIREFLY302

My PC specs, if useful, are:

O.S.: Windows 7
Processor: FX-6300
Ram: 8 gb
MotherBoard: MSI 970A-g46.
Power supply: Evga 600W.
Graphics Card: r7 260x.

The problem I find in the Presonus's is that in their official page it says that they need an Intel Duo or more(I ain't got intel) and the Behringer don't say anything about minimum specs.

Anyway, any help would be apreciated.
Seriously.... If you have an iPad or iPhone or something (iPad has a bigger display though), use JamUP Pro. It's about $30 for the whole "pro" suite. Then get what is, effectively, an interface for the iDevices called the iRig. I have the iRig HD as it is universally agreed that it sounds better than the original. The iRig pro also comes with an additional XLR input if you want that. Anyways, the iRig HD is about $90.

That is my live rig now. I go direct to the PA. No lugging amps to rehearsals, in and out of gigs, etc.

I also have a BlueBoard, which is a Bluetooth footswitcher with four buttons on it that lets you change patches on the fly. It allows you to also plug in a midi expression pedal which can be set up to be used as a volume pedal, wah, etc.

Seriously, I'm getting the best sounds I have ever had live, and the versatility and ease of use are remarkable.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I'm not disposed to pay more than 100 dollars for them. Basically, because in that case I buy myself some pedals.
Okay, let me let you in on a little secret. Crappy audio gear is horrendously bad. Like, actually the worst.
Presonus AudioBox ione
Eh. Okayish.
Presonus Audio Box USB
Behringer UMC202HD
Avoid Behringer.
Behringer UMC204HD
Avoid Behringer. [2]
Lexicon LAMBDA
Fuck Lexicon interfaces. I had one and it was awful.
Phonic FIREFLY302
Never heard of this one. The research I found shows that it's 1.) Firewire, and 2.) Very old.
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PreSonus - no issues using their gear 10+ years. The new Behringers are supposed to be OK as well. Only issue I know of the Audio box USB doesn't like USB 3 inputs so some people have had to get little USB hubs to fix that problem or tweak their bios to run in "USB 2.0 legacy" mode.

Are you dead set on USB as the interface type? I like Firewire better and Thunderbolt if you have the option.

Check with PreSonus tech support regarding the processors. I've used their firewire interfaces on AMD machines, no issues.
I recommend a Focusrite Saffire 2i2. On Ebay round $100 buy-it-now, perhaps less in auction.


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