Each platform has its merits.
Tab Pro web --> On a wide screen it's always easier to view pro tabs Also transposing pro tabs is possible only on desktop version.
Tab Pro mobile ---> On the other hand on a mobile device you can access favorite pro tabs on the go even offline!

If you're interested in mobile apps which provide not only pro tabs but also chords and lyrics, tuners, metronome and chord library check out these apps
Tabs&Chords by Ultimate Gutiar for iPhone
Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app for iPad
Ultimate Guitar Tabs&Chords for Android
Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@]ultimate-guitar.com you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.

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It's worth noting that when you subscribe (choose Full version on web) to Tab Pro you get access both on mobile and web
UG Support and zappp thank you guys for responding! I feel more confident about getting Tab Pro, sticking with the free version has gotten old already