So here's a point I played metal for a couple of years now and I started to practice downstroking last year. Before I learned to downstroking fast I always use alt picking and I would be like "Oh this song is so easy" But after I discovered that downstroking give me better sounding especially palm muting. So my warm-up song is Master of puppets and I can play the song with ease BUT my hand and arm does get tried over time BUT that's the fun point of it IMO. I noticed that my picking speed decreases OVERNIGHT I don't know why is that a thing for me. Some of you might say did you just wake up and played? (well that's what I do but I don't always do it) the answer to that is no, Second did I played after I finished doing works your hand and arm might still be tried and the answer to that is no I always rest my hand before playing guitar because my hands and arms do get tried easier. Is it possible to solves this problem? It really bothers me so much. Thanks in advance
Every time I wake up I lose my chops. It takes at least an hour or two to get my chops from stupid to what I need to play my ideas. It can be very frustrating but it's part of life. It's good that you can downstroke quickly, but can you upstroke just as fast? Have you ever played your scales with only up strokes? If you can master both, you will be able to alternate pick at lightning speeds.