Haven't posted here in a while... recovering from tendonitis so I can't play guitar but still make music through synths and midi. This one has a sci-fi sorta vibe, entrancing... different from my usual stuff but I really like it.




If you want a song for me to comment on just let me know. I usually respond within a day or so, so don't get all uptight if I don't respond right away (only had that problem once, most everyone is cool though).

Sometimes I feel like I suck at making music cause I've gotten no where with it in the past 16 years but for some reason I can't stop making it.
I like electronic music a lot.

I wonder if you've been influenced by Delerium or FLA or Lunatic Calm or The Prodigy, because I can hear at least two of those in "Release me". It's good music. I'd just add more bass, but that's just me.
Sorry to hear about the tendonitis. Now your tune: audio quality is good, though I would have less high frequencies (but I'm sensitive to that); if it sounds good to your ears, pay no heed to my comment on that. Other than that, it sounds rather professional to me! Would be a cool soundtrack for a movie in my opinion. Melodies are well done and I like that it is energetic. Please check out my music at this link (if the first song is too odd for you, try the second one):