Hey everyone. I need a little help with my bridge its a floyd 01000 series. Though its not an original I hear they are pretty reliable. So heres the issue When I tune all my strings to pitch (Standard Tuning) When I strum my E string and A string but especially my E string it shows up on the tuner as dramatically sharp and then quickly goes to its correct pitch. If I tune the strings to where when I first hit them they are in pitch they go flat as they ring out. The bridge is flush, its not fret buss or anything and its not me hitting it too hard, it happens even if I strum it very lightly. It goes less sharp if I hit it extremely soft but its still going sharp then coming back down to pitch. I have a brand new ibanez and this isn't an issue with that guitar and because I have a second guitar I know its not the tuner either. This guitar never use to do that. I want to say it started after my last string change a week or so ago. Also the string gauge has not changed I'm still using 9-42. What could be causing this? Thank You in advance for any and all help.
stretch your strings, and make sure your locking nut is tightened properly. maybe lube the pivots of the trem
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