Hey guys, I've been lurking on these forums for a bit and am now excited to join. So a bit more about me; I grew up an athlete and was never given a chance to learn music, more speicifilcally the guitar. I've always wanted to play but once I got to the point where I had a job and money to buy one I always chickened out thinking others where so far ahead of me at my age. I'm 20 and finally decided to buy a guitar; Schecter demon 6. Now the thing is, I know NOTHING. I don't even know what chords and scales are, or what the hell "shredding" or ripping is. I'm a complete noob. But I'm willing to put in as MUCH work as is needed. I already plan on practicing 3-4 hours a day. (I have an addictive personality). What books/resources do you guys recommend for me? My goal ultimately is to play metal.
A great resource is to check out Justinguitar (both his website and YouTube channel) and Marty Schwartz (YouTube). Both guys are great resources for beginning guitar.

When it comes to learning chords, start with a few different open chords (C, G, Am, E, Em are examples). They will keep you tide over for a bit as you work on getting comfortable with fingering them as well as switching between them. After you work out on switching between them, get a grip on power chords and barre chords, which may be a bit hard.

After you learn a couple chord shapes (3 or 4) and as you're continue to learn chords, learn songs. Learning songs will help you out with switching between chords as well as playing along to songs. A big tip that anyone will give you is this: learn songs from EVERY genre that you can, even if you're not a fan of the artist/genre. If you're looking to play black metal, starting with easier genres then building up will help you out. Start small at first and work up. Many players starting out will immediately jump into things that are way out of their abilities, get discouraged, and quit. Short version: Don't dismiss AC/DC (or pop chart "Top 40") songs because you don't like them; learn to apply skill sets and new knowledge as soon as you learn it and continue to challenge yourself. Also, learn FULL songs.

Once you get a few simple "chord based songs," begin working on some simple riff songs. Iron Man and Enter Sandman (minus solo) would be easy metal songs to get into at the beginning stages. Even at your point of just starting out, always strive to be able to play the full rhythm guitar part of a song. Taking Enter Sandman for example, the leads may be a bit hard, so learn the rhythm guitar UNDER the solo. This will get you into the habit of knowing the rhythm under solos when you get into lead work and why the leads work over the chords.

Chord work and simple riff-based songs should take you well into your first 6-12 months of playing. Doing anything in life takes time, and you have to put in the effort to become good at it. Most players expect to be a virtuoso after a couple months of playing when that's just not the case, and they quit when they "suck" at a year in. Keep focused, always work to improve and challenge yourself. Also, don't forget to focus solely on technical abilities without learning how to apply them to music (learning songs, even if they are "below" your abilities).

If you ever need help, don't be afraid to post on the forums! I know there's like a day waiting period before new users can post in the appropriate sub-forums, so be patient! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me either. Good luck with your playing!
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Welcome! FAQ:

1. There are no stupid questions so use the forums

2. No your fingers aren't too fat or small or whatever

3. Typically takes a couple months of solid practice to get basic chord changes down, keep at it
Good advice from people above. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the possible exercises and things to learn that you don't know what to choose. Then don't hesitate to ask help. Guitar teacher might be something to consider also. He/she can make with you a personalized schedule for your progress and can answer the questions that will arise.
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