Hey guys, I wanted to know your opinion on something. Lately, I´ve been getting into the band Vektor, trying to learn some of their songs. They have a lot of tremolo picking sections that span across a lot of strings at a pretty high speed. The thing is, I´m struggling when tremolo picking from the low E string to the B string, because I tend to anchor my right hand on the same spot on the bridge, and, when I reach the higher strings, my hand gets in a weird angle, where the downstroke sounds a lot stronger than the upstroke. I´ve also tried moving my hand down so I can reach the higher strings more comfortably, but then I lose the fluidity of the motion. Do you have any advice for this issue?
When I alternate pick across multiple strings I find that it is most helpful to pick each note with a little hand bounce. My hand kind of bounces on my strings each time I pick a note. This forces my hand to line up with the string each time I strike a note. If you tend to anchor your hand, going across multiple strings becomes more difficult than it needs to be. That bounce really helps. You have to make the bounce smaller and smaller to go faster and faster, but it definitely helps. Look up Eric Johnson on YouTube giving a guitar lesson, he goes into more detail about this bounce, and circular picking, where you pick with not only your wrist but you use your thumb and pointer to make a separate motion to pick.