Hi, I'm 15 and From NJ Okay so back in February I bought a used BV412S and a Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G120H DSP 120W Guitar Amp Head to go along with it. Lately it sounds weaker and one of the oms does not work It can only be plugged into the right one or else it won't make any noise at all. I'm not sure if it's sounding weird due to my Ibanez Iceman going funky even though its brand new and only a few months old or my DS-1 Or Wah pedal is giving weird signals cause i play through them. It's embarrassing i've been playing for 4 years and i still don't quite understand the mechanics and such of these pedals and cabs and heads. Because I literally jumped from a Line 6 Spider Iv's built in distortions to this cab. If anyone can help me out and recommend something to fix it please let me know. Like i said im only 15 so obviously you can only imagine my money situation is not that great because the last thing i wanna do is have to go out and buy a new cab or head because shit is very expensive my friends. Thanks Again everyone
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Hello hayden224, you should probably post that in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum, you will get better answers there.
Good luck!
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