My parents didn't mean to have me
so I guess you could say
I've been a fuck up since birth.
I don't put much stock in
what people think of me
I don't put much stock in anything
except everything people say.

I had a dream, still do really,
of singing in a band named after me.
Everyone told me I couldn't do it,
said I couldn't sing worth a lick
So I tried and tried and tried
and made damn sure I proved them all right.

I've got a job.
No career or title or nothing,
but I've got a job.
Aint it strange how single men
don't get no respect at work?
Try and go home early
but I don't have a kids ballgame
or a wife that would care,
if I worked late
and never made it
to a dinner she cooked all day.
I'm just a single guy.
With a job,
and a dog.
So my time doesn't mean
quite as much.

Will I leave much behind?
If I die before I'm done,
would they have a funeral?
Do you think my mom would come?