I've been playing electric guitar off and on for 10-15 years trying to stick with it and learn the entire time. This time it seems to be sticking and I need help figuring out which pick is best to use for the long run. I love trying to play 80,s metal but also some lighter stuff like country things with the kids. I'm also working through the metal method lessons.

I'm stuck on deciding between he Tortex yellow (.73), lutes .73, and ultra .88. Here are my thoughts:

I love the grip on the Ultex pick because I don't think about hanging on to it, and I love how it glides over the strings. On the .73, I'm not sure I like the "high/trebly" sound like I hear compared to the tortex though.

I also seem to play much more easily with the .73 compared to the .88, but this gap is much smaller with the Ultex pick co pared to moving to the green gortex.

Lastly, I keep hearing that the ultex is a lot more durable but I have no idea if a tortex should last two weeks compared to a year for the other, or something else, or if I should even care.

So for what I play, is one pick better than another for today and the long run?

It largely depends on feel. Yes, Ultex picks are substantially more durable than most of the other ones I've used, but Ultex and Tortex picks are both very cheap and can be bought by the dozen for next to nothing, so it's only really an issue if you destroy picks really quickly. Because of that, I'd say the key question should be of your preferences regarding the feel of the pick, which really isn't something someone can tell you. If you're doing 80s metal there's a solid argument for buying something stiffer for fast picking, which would mean the Ultex in a fairly thick size and possibly with a pointy tip for the sake of precision, but I think as you progress you'll be able to get a much better idea than anyone else of what you need from your pick.
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So for what I play, is one pick better than another for today and the long run?

Picks are really personal preferences. Some people stick with the same pick forever, some try new picks every couple of weeks. I've migrated from the old three-cornered Fender mediums through a bunch of picks to the 2mm Gravity Razers I use now (at about $6/pick!). At the time I started using the Gravitys, I thought it was absolutely nuts to even OWN a $6 pick, and that the prospect of losing one made it a silly buy. Nonetheless, I still have that first one.

I personally like a fairly thick size and a very pointy tip, but your mileage may vary.
Right now, I like ultex. That could change anytime, though.
i think you are the only one who can decide which pick is better for you. There are no rules.
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I have bought many picks over the years wanting to find what feels best from stubbies to every mm that Alice and Dunlop make.The ultex were pretty decent but still degraded fairly quickly I swear by Dunlop 60mm now as to me they are prefect.My advice would be go onto eBay and try to buy an assortment that comes in a package with different thickness and see what works best for you.

Btw different pick works better for different genres I find.
For electric guitar I use Dunlop Ultex sharp 0.90. To me it is the perfect sharpness at the edge and the thickness is good for both soft and hard playing. What I do recommend though if you got sweaty fingers like me: take a knife and do a cross pattern throughout where you hold the pick, that makes it stay firmly between the fingers!