Trying to remember a power metal band from around ten years ago

I only had one album, not sure if they did others. I would say I got the album ~2007 because I remember another album I listened to at that time and that album released around then.

One of the songs was named something like 'going down', and another one might have had the word 'still' in it. I think the album cover was of a man and it was all fiery kinda red and blue ish. If I had to guess, the band began with the letter S but that might be completely wrong. I don't think they were mainstream in the slightest because I've gone through 'list of power metal bands' on wikipedia and none of the names look familiar at all.

This is like zero information, but I'd be happy if anyone could help.

Other bands I was listening to at that time were Freedom Call, Power Quest, Lord, Dragonland, Majesty. If that gives you an idea of what type of band it was.
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None of them I'm afraid. I'll definitely use that site though thanks. So far I'd been clicking through related artists on spotify but I was worried they weren't a big enough band to be on there.
Hm, might want to try asking Kytokinesis. He's pretty knowledgeable on power metal in general, so it might be worth an ask or just wait for him to post if he does.

Sorry! I'm not very good with power metal, but good luck anyways. If I can find more bands that fit the description or if you can muster up more information I could help more.

Also, there's an "advanced search function" on metal-archives so you narrow down genres/chronology of releases which may very well help you. It will be on metal-archives somewhere, guaranteed.
It's not much information to go on. If you could try to remember anything else, like try to describe the album cover in greater detail. Do you remember what it sounded like? What was the register of the vocalist or can you think of any particular theme or imagery that the band sang about. Maybe try to pick one band or album that you know that most closely resembles the sound of this album.
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Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

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Nothing in the OP other than Power Metal relates to SA at all.

What decade would you guess it was from?

A rough look through my library (no album I had fit every descriptor, but these do partially) would guess:

Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power, Heavenly - Sign of the Winner, Iron Fire - Thunderstorm, Pyramaze - Immortal.
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Would you happen to be talking about Cellador? They were a power metal band on Metal Blade Records for one album. They got big during the Myspace era. I believe the lead guitar player did end up going on to other successful projects, I think he's one of the members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well.