So I've long struggled with getting a set-up I like for C# standard. I like the feel of 10s (at D#/Eb on a 25.5" scale), but they're too floppy at C# and the tone is a little brittle for my taste, even after I adjust the truss rod and action. So if I want more tension and the tone I want, I have to get fat strings. Tried that, didn't like it because I need to bend the low strings and I'd like to avoid carpal tunnel surgery.

Then I fiddled with the idea of getting a baritone. I figure I can keep the 10s and the extra scale length will give me something resembling "standard" tension.

Well I finally took the plunge and got the Ibanez 28" scale RGIB6. It comes with 13-68 at B Standard. I threw some 10s on there and tuned "up" to C# and whamo, mission accomplished. The tension is not quite the same as 10s at D#/Eb on a 25.5", but close enough to be totally satisfied with the result. And let me tell you, that freakin' thing sounds so huge it's ridiculous. I mean, stop playing to laugh at how huge it sounds. The tone is THICK and TIGHT.

The longer scale isn't that hard to get used to. Need to be a little more attentive to the 4-fret stretches on the low frets at first, but it's no big deal. A regular guitar does feel like a ukelele afterwards though.

So if you've had the same struggle as me and you're still looking for a solution, the baritone could be the answer. I would expect that a 28" version is the way to go though if you're trying to accomplish what I was after. I think a 27" might fall short in the tension department with 10s at C# standard. But that's just me.