There is a cheap Digitech processor called RP100,

I don't know what kind of a compressor unit it simulates, but I need the exact same thing on an analog pedal. I have tried the Boss CS-3, MXR Dyna Comp. and the Digitech Main Squeeze and I did not get that wet, powerful sustain the RP100 provides.

Any help will be much appreciated.
this is captain obvious to the rescue, but have you considered emailing digitech? they might tell you what the model is based on.
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The manual does not really say any model. ftp://ftp.digitech.com/pub/PDFs/Manuals/RP100/RP100Manual.pdf

It is probably an original "design". If you like it, then use it. If you still want to find a single box format, I hear good things about the Wampler Ego Compressor and the Walrus Audio Deep Six. You mainly need Attack, Compression Level, and Output Level parameters to match what the Digitech unit offers.
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As someone who fairly recently got my first compressor and having taken a while to get used to how to set mine, have you considered that perhaps you're not dialling them in right? The Dyna Comp has a recognisable individual sound, but the CS3 and the Main Squeeze have enough parameters that can be set that I would've thought you'd be able to get in the right ballpark at least.
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if you want to spend more, its hard to beat the Wampler ego. it can get pretty wet if that is what you are looking for.
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