Hey everyone! I've been playing guitar for around a year now, but I'm still not too knowledgeable on the technical side of things.

I was listening to a Japanese band (hello sleepwalkers), and I really like their lead guitar sound, so I am wondering how I can achieve that sort of sound.

Here are some snippets of the sound I'm referring to (all from the album "Planless Perfection"):

Sorry if I'm being too vague, I really don't know how else to ask about this... Either way, thank you for your time!


Thanks for the reply! I already tried overdrive + delay, but it didn't quite sound like it... I still have to try the phaser and the eq pedal, thanks for the tips!
I think the keys here are a Reasonable Guitar, a Good Amp (A Marshall-esque Tube/High End Amp Sim methinks), and Good Playing Ability. That last bit is key. You have only been playing for a year, don't be discouraged if you don't sound like them yet. The gear is an important part, but the playing ability is moreso.

The effects that I hear are maybe some overdrive just to push the amp a bit (a Tubescreamer is the usual suspect for these higher-gain tones), delay, and maybe some Ring Modulation ("Life is a Game"?). Maybe some octave-up Whammy too. Also keep in mind that a lot of what you are hearing is not just guitar. I hear a lot of Synth, Bass, aux instruments, etc.

What amp do you have?
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Hi Will! Thanks for the help
I already learned the songs I want to play And yeah I realized that a lot of it is synth and not the guitar, but there's just something about it I can't quite replicate...

Haha yeah, maybe my hardware isn't up to par. I was in a bit of a budget when I bought my equipment and I have yet to upgrade. My amp is just a Frontman 10G. But recently I've been using my audio interface (Scarlett 2i2) and messing around with Amp Sims. What hardware would you recommend? And what would you consider a high end amp sim?
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Yeah the Frontman amp is not much :p . High-end amp sims in my book include the Line 6 Helix, Fractal Audio AXE-Fx, and Kemper Profiling Amps. But I hear good things about Bias from Positive Grid, which is much cheaper.
Yeah, I have Bias, it's pretty decent. I'll keep messing around with the sound, thank you!
the frontman is at best a foot stool. a new amp is a must.

as far as the kemper/snax/helix (i haven't tried the helix though), they are great pieces, but I would NOT recommend them for someone who is not of technical understanding (as the OP said he was). it would be pure frustration for the OP, as there are so many parameters.

I would look into bias. I don't have hands on time with it, but the clips sound pretty good, and easier to wrap one's head around (as i have seen).

are you wanting an anp too?
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Yeah, I have Bias, it's pretty decent. I'll keep messing around with the sound, thank you!
Good! "Messing around" with the parameters is key. See what does what, and experiment. As I said above though, you will probably want to use something that simulates a Marshall. Use a Tubescreamer-like OD to push the amp a little bit.
Thanks for the replies! And yeah lol that's basically what I've been using the frontman for haha I haven't had the need to get my sound any better so far so it's worked out pretty decently, but now I'm starting to get that itch.

As for what you said about the kemper/snax/helix, I'm a computer programmer, so this kind of thing really intrigues me and I love to mess with it. I'm just new to it I can't bring myself, however, to spend that much money on them yet. Eventually though

Yeah I'd like to upgrade my amp soon, any suggestions?

Thanks again for all the tips!