I have an American Standard Strat and a Marshall DSL40c along with a few pedals (such as the MXR micro amp) and I want to achieve Frusciante's "clean" tone, that slightly crunchy tone he uses for scar tissue and by the way etc. (like in this video:)
well that sounds like he just has his amp cranked up so it has a little hair around the edges. not easy to get that sound at bedroom levels if that is what you are trying to do. you can just turn up your gain a little bit on a basically clean channel and that should get you reasonably close.
Yeah, just roll off (or up) the gain until your hardest strums break up a tad and you'll get in that ballpark - you've got the right amp for the job. The studio version might've been a Fender Showman (basically a Twin), though - as per this interview - but he'd stopped using the Showman live by 2003.
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You could also have a low amount of gain and roll back the volume on your guitar for that tone. Then you can roll up for the solos if you want as well. ^^
Does the DSL40 have the pentode and triode switch?I know the DSL100 does because i used to have one.If it's just for home use make sure it's in half power mode too then you can push your amp a little more.
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That sound is probably one of the hardest sounds to get in a bedroom setting, because obviously you can't push the power tubes into that much breakup at that level. Your best bet would most likely be classic gain, clean setting and turning the gain up until you start breaking up when you pick hard, but not so you're compressing the amp all of the time.