Hi, I 've been searching if exsist a version of a fender wide range humbucker that fits on a single coil form. I saw that many manufacturers (Seymour Duncan et al) have a generic standard humbuckers in a more compact form that can be used on a Stratocaster (i.e http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server4400/9wqpckx/products/138/images/274/PearlyGatesforStrat__72912.1367675226.1280.1280.jpg?c=2 ).

If anyone knows about a "wide range" versions of a fender humbucker but in this slim size, please tell me, and if you own one of them, please tell me about how it feels.

the fender humbuckers really aren't copied much they just haven't proven to be that popular. I'm hard pressed to think of a single coil size one at all. why that particular pickup?
Which wide range pickup, specifically, are you talking about? They have changed quite a bit. If you're referencing one of the newer ones, what you're really hearing is a standard Fender humbucker under a larger cover. I imagine that would be a lot easier to approximate than the original wide-range.

The budget will matter here, too. Duncan will make damn near anything if you ask nicely and have cash to spend.
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The budget will matter here, too. Duncan will make damn near anything if you ask nicely and have cash to spend.
Even their custom shop wide ranges are still AlNiCo, though.
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There will be some tradeoffs for the smaller size, of course, but if anyone can approximate a Wide Range in a single coil format it's probably Duncan. The JB Junior sounds damn close to the standard size, and it's got a ceramic magnet instead of the Alnico. I imagine Duncan has ways of compensating for the magnet change. IIRC they will make any of their standard humbuckers 'miniaturized' through their custom shop, so it doesn't seem like a stretch to think they could do a competent "Single-Wide Range."
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Also check Vintage Vibe, Rio Grande and The Creamery.
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Consider Duncan Cool Rails. Pretty close to the Fender wide range in tone, single coil sized.
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