I'm considering getting one of these 2 preamps but which will get me the most brutal metal tone?
I understand that the tubefex is the follow-on after the rockmaster but it doesn't sound as good?
Ideally I would love a bright crisp crunchy sound ala a rockmaster or 5150 but the budget won't allow it so...
Any helpful comments preferably based on experience of both would be greatly appreciated
The JMP circuit has a classic JCM800 sound. That's what Zakk Wylde, and Kerry King made a living on. KK's rig is modified, but still essentially a single channel 800. People who don't think the JMP's can achieve metal tones confound me. I will, however, concede that it is a vintage tone. Still, it's bad ass. I mean I'm biased as hell, i own a JMP - but play one, and I bet you'll own one too.
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The JMP-1 is nice with it's own dedicated power amp. There's a video on youtube where a french guy demonstrates the amp running the power section of his Blackstar HT-5 and you can tell the preamp kind of sounds thin and at times tinny. But then there's another video of a person that runs it through a Mesa Strategy 500 and the preamp sounds like the apocalypse in gain and tight low ends. Your best bet is to look for a combo amp that can give you the tone you need because rack systems can get a little pricey.
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There were a lot of classic metal and rock artists running with these, for a while I remember Judas Priest (Ripper Owens era) toured with JMP-1s through the Marshall Monobloc EL34 power amps. They sound massive and are awesome if you find them, I wouldn't rely on any test with a Blackstar HT-5, that thing is a kid's toy. You can pretty much get an AC/DC to Slayer sound these with the right tube power amps. You can get the Monobloc, a Mesa Power Amp, Carvin Tube power amp, or just run it into fx return of any decent power amp, some cheapies will even do for this like Crate Blue Voodoo or Peavey Windsor. Mind me I am just saying the JMP-1 into the fx return of these amps, bypassing their preamps.
Oh they definitely can...but there's not much on ebay and I'm trying to save up for one lol
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