Hey guys. Im really into 80s music. Like Tears For Fears, Talking Heads, Gary Numan, etc. I have a Yahama keyboard from the 90s, but it doesnt quite have the sounds Im looking for. My main instrument is guitar but I have a little bit of music theory knowledge. Im looking for a keyboard that has a lot of 80s sound synths built in. But I dont want something so complex that I wouldnt be able to understand it from the point of view of a guitarist. Im trying to keep it under $500. Any recomendations?
Just get a DAW then you can download all the synths you need. You can even hook up a simple keyboard to the laptop.
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But I dont want something so complex that I wouldnt be able to understand it from the point of view of a guitarist.

Then obviously you don't want a keyboard.
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they used Jupiter-8's, DX-7's, Moog's, and Prophets. Most people would get a midi controller for 100$ and pirate some VSTs. But there's a bunch of desktop synths you can get for under 500, modern and retro.

Roland JV-1080 ( like 250$ on eBay)

Roland Boutique JU-06 (based off of a Juno 106) (like 300$ new)

Korg FM Volca (based off of a DX7) (like 150$ new)

Waldorf Streichfett (like 350$ new) (I have one. Its cool.)
Under $500?? I guess the Nord Stage 2 is out... Awesome keys though.
Yamaha are the only ones I know with anything 1/2 decent in that price point.
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I have an old Casio WK 1630 from the early 2000s when midi was all the rage.
So it has all the generic 70s 80s or 90s synths you could possibly want.

They go in $100-300 on ebay.
I have a Juno Gi, it is basically an upper range synth, multitrack recorder, guitar fx processor in a unit. Its really good for creativity you can put down tracks on it super easily and there are a lot of 80s sounds most decent.

Plugins are fine but they sound awful live.
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