What's going on lads and girls
I'm new. I'm a 24 year old songwriter/guitarist. (Been playing for 10 years)

We'd really appreciate it if you joined us on our musical journey, and gave us a listen and a follow on Twitter - @LAWalkway.

We are a Liverpool(England) based Jazz-Funk/Pop band that formed in 2015
(Aged 18-25)

We have already attracted the attention of
:Nile Rodgers (Who we met in person in Birmngham, England)
:His manager (who we had a drink with in London)
:Bootsy Collins (Positive Feedback)
:Stuart Epps (Positive Feedback)

We're just trying to promote, and get ourselves out there as much as we can.
With your help, hopefully we can gain more popularity. Every listen and every follow counts!

Cheers, and hope you enjoy listening on Soundcloud

I'd recommend:
1. Pretty Lady (Scroll down, it;s near the bottom)
2. Rewind (at the top)
3. Feeling High
4. Luther

We record every month, so keep your eyes and ears out. xx