I genuinely think I'm starting to prefer lower wattage tube heads in terms of tone, I currently own a Peavey XXX, Laney AOR, JCM 800 and a Jet City 100HDM. But to be honest, the amp that's getting a lot of playtime for recording and general practicing is my Orange Dark Terror. I Just love the tone of it and nothing IMO compares to that for myself. Sounds great, simple controls so I can set and leave AND it's really quiet with my Schecter and the Blackouts in them.

So I tried some of my other guitars and none of them where as good, then I tried different amps and that wasn't working either. So I tried removing some of the gain from where I had it and low and behold. It was perfect for what I was wanting.

So my revelation was, before trying any gear, have a mess about with the gain and the general EQ's of your amp. You never know how much of a difference it can make to tone.

I know that sounds simple and obvious (and it is) but it's so easy to be caught up in buying more gear when a simple adjustment can do a world of good.

No idea why I made a thread on this: but I just wanted to share in case there were any newer players who are getting caught up with the sound rather than the playing

I thought it was worth sharing anyway..

Anyone on here had any "it's so obvious, why didn't I think of it?" moments?
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Simple is good. Bravo!

After owning about 30 different amps I figured out that a decent guitar, through a decent amp, with the settings just right sounds pretty great.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Played through many amps over the years, my fav was a 60 watt Engl
Pushing the tubes harder seemed to give a better tone than a 100+ watt head not pushed (depending on the quality of the amp too)
Now I'm using a 30 watt Backstair, tubes running hot sounds better, Won't go back to 100+ tubes again, you just don't need it
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Too much gain can kill any tone in my opinion, no matter if it's for high gain stuff or not. For high gain stuff I usually dial it way back to where I'd need more and then slowly turn it up until it's just enough. Keeps it defined and tight.

Something obvious to me that a lot of my guitar or bass-playing friends tend to overlook is proper intonation. Most people I know just throw on new strings every once in a while and that's it, no adjustments whatsoever.

Also a thing on reverb and/or delay: don't overdo it (unless that's the specific style you're going for). It shrouds the mistakes you play and thus you don't improve your playing. At least, that's how it was for me.

Last but not least, I figured out way too late that learning things slow and then speeding up really is the trick to learning something properly. I learned a couple of tracks that I gave up on in less than a week that way and I've been learning everything I struggle with like that ever since.
this is why I take my time with amps to really see what I can get out of them. my various guitars all need a little tweaking when I plug in to get the most out of them so knowing your amp is the key.

I totally agree a decent guitar and a good amp should be able to deliver a satisfying tone. if it doesn't then it's most likely not set correctly or it's you.

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I go through phases. I have a lot of amps and out of them the most used are my orange dual terror and a big clean amp like rivera of musicman.

I think that i am just lazy though. it's easy to plug right in and play.
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Mensinger: Speesy
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