My first amp was a 150w Gorilla. Got it 30 years ago. A couple of years later, I came across an SVT II Pro and 810E that I couldn't pass up. I rocked that rig for about 10 years. Liked it, but never loved it. I guess my primary gripe was that it wasn't beefy enough, tonewise. I let them both go, and grabbed a GK 1001 RB-II and SWR Workingman's Tower 810. Where's the beef? I found it! For the last 18 years or so, I swore by that rig and essentially declared myself a solid state guy. I still grabbed gear whenever the bug bit - Fender Bassman 400 combo, Peavey 400B and 215 that I swapped speakers for Eminence Kappa Pro LF-2. About a year ago, some tube G.A.S. started kicking in, and I started looking. In Feb, I traded a JamHub that I never used for an all tube Traynor YBA 200-2. SS guy no more! I've only turned on the GK once since then, to do an A/B. I found it easy to dial in the Traynor tone on my GK. It's just so easy to get a good tone out of that Traynor that it has evolved into my go-to. I did change the pre tubes the day I got it from AX's to AT's for a substantial increase in headroom. As much as I hate to say it, I may put the AX's back in and let my dad use it and my 810 for guitar. I can slap my rack on top of my 215 and sound fat & nasty. Currently, all G.A.S. has subsided, but I do still check Craigslist every day. Never know what will pop up. I missed out on a Peavey 3620 cab (2x18 & 2x10) about a month ago. Strained my back a couple of days prior and there was no way.

I guess I like variety all the way around, as is evident by the overflowing mancave. My basses are all different, strung different, and tuned different. My amps all have their own intrinsic qualities. I like some of everything, but it took me some time to get here. How about you? What's your amp flavor?
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At first I used an old guitar amp and a bit later on my Orange halfstack but it wasn't deep enough. Saved up a little and bought myself a Peavey Max 112 combo. Loud and deep enough for bedroom practice. During rehearsals I used to play the Hartke HA4000 through an Ampeg SVT-410HLF cab. Pretty clear and deep sound from that one.
First bass amp was just that - a first amp. I don't even remember the brand name but it had a 12 inch speaker and maybe 25 watts. Next was a Peavey combo with an 18 inch black widow speaker bought new around 1982. That one was a BEAST - very heavy. I now play a Gallien Krueger MB112-II and I love it.
First was a Univox UB-250/2. 20w 15"
Second was a Unicord Stage 65 20w 15"
Third Univox 600 head driving the UB250 15" and a RadioShack 2 Way 12" with a center mounted tweeter and home made cabinet. The 12 was really impressive.

Fourth - Fender Bassman 50 with the clamps and the 2x15" cabinet. Severe disappointment as I was constantly having bias issues. This turned me off of Tube Amps.

Fifth - Yamaha PB-1 Bass PreAmp - Solid State Driving a Roland SPA-240 and an 18" deep Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet.
The Roland commonly went into clipping protection on hard E hits. This was replaced by (6) a state of the art Crown Micro-Tech 1000, then the Boogie just farted out on low notes. Cabinet was swirched down to (7) a stolen OAP 3 way cabinet design that was made into a 2 Way with 1x15" JBL 2255H and 2x5" 8110. My College instructor stole my 6 String Bass Idea and bought the 5th Ken Smith Contra 6 ever made, so I stole his cabinet selection. It was later sold to Adam Nitti who used it until he signed with SWR.

Eighth - a Non Amp, but jam along PreAmp Digitech BP-8.

Getting back into audible playing for others I discovered a high power combo amp with a 12" speaker and baltic birch cabinet, which I was impressed years earlier when working for an industrial speaker cabinet maker. This was Nine, a Genz Benz NeoX 400-112t. I saw the Tube Preamp as a novelty, and now will not live without it even though the personal system I was using had a tube pre, Digitech BP-8.

The NeoX 400 Pre is the same as the one in (10) the GBE600, which I will use to drive 2 Genz Benz Amp power sections.

I tried (11) the ShuttleMax 12.0 and compared it to (12) the 12.2 which emulates a Tube Power Amp.

12.2 is definitely not for me. Dark, muddy.
12.0 is nice and light, but by my ear and the writings of John Epstein at GearSlutz, the Digital system just fails to duplicate the frequency range that is everything to my perception of tone.

One GBE 600 I have use of has been sent to Fuch Audio Technologies for the removal of the PreAmp section into a chassis so that it can join (13 & 14) 2 Genz Benz GBE1200's in a Hardigg Shock Mount Rack stage forward, to drive 4 NeoX 112t cabinets and 2 NeoX 212t cabs.

Never looking at tubes again, and keeping amps from the vibrations of cabinets, except for the 2 NeoX 400 112t combo amps (second one is #15) used as sidewash of 600w.

So what is the flavor?

2x 12AX7 Preamps and a Parallel Solid State MosFet Pre in line feeding 2x25lb pieces torodial copper. windings.
Ibanez BTB 1006 Fretless and 405 (no Barts)
456 & 455(w/Barts)
Genz Benz NeoX400 112T & NeoX 112T cab.
Digitech BP-8 (x2)
Yamaha PB-1
Boss: SYB-5, PS-2, OD-20, EQ-20, PH-3,BF-3, CE-20, DD-20
Morely A/B
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I've had so many during 54 years of gigging playing many genres. But my current setup of a single 15" Markbass Combo leaves me in no doubt which overall which marks all the boxes.
I did try and lift an Orange 100 head whilst purchasing my Markbass all it did was to confirm that I was right to go for the Markbass
G&L L2500
Squier Affinity Jazz Bass 5
Ashdown RPM pre-amp
Ashdown Little Giant 1000
300 watt 15" powered cab
450 watt 15" powered sub bass cab
2x10 + horn
1x15x10 + horn

1. Carvin BX1500 (1500W RMS). Weighs 10 lbs.
2. Line 6 Bass Pod XT into Carvin HD1500.

2 x fEARless F115s
2 x fEARful 15/6/1

All are based on neo-based Eminence Kappalite 3015LF 15" woofers, and either a 6.5" (18Sound) or a 5" (Faital) mids driver plus a 1" tweeter plus wave guide.
All cabs are 42-50 lbs each. All can handle around 900W RMS apiece.
I started on a tiny little Hondo guitar amp before buying a Fender Rumble 60 for practice. The first real amp I used was an Ampeg SVT CL and 8x10 that me and another bassist friend went in on. Was a great amp but far far too impractical. Then while I was away at school and living in little spaces I decided I needed something compact but usable, so I got my hands on a Markbass Little Mark II and a Carvin 2x10 and that setup has been just perfect ever since.

I'm very much into tiny, transparent micro-heads and a modular setup of smaller cabs. The less tubes you have to pay for and the fewer heavy boxes you have to lug around the better.
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Spector and Markbass
Past amps
1st: Crate CR-1
2nd: Peavey Renown 400
3rd: Randall RG80 head 4X12 Crate cab
4th: Ampeg VL 1002 head 4X12 Ampeg cab with V30's (sold to pay rent)
5 year period no amp
5th: Peavey Special 130
6th: Line 6 Spyder 3 (cringe)

Current amps:
7th: Peavey 6505+ head Crate 4X12 cab with Eminence Patriots
8th: Crate CR-1D (for nostalgia)
9th Randall RG75 1X12 combo
10th Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster 2X12 combo V30 equipped.

There were a couple random combos with 8" speakers that I had for a short time and a KMD 1X12 60W powered speaker enclosure that I mounted a small Gorilla amp using as a pre to make it a combo, wish I still had that it was perrty cool and didn't sound half bad.
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Quote by Tostitos

I'm very much into tiny, transparent micro-heads and a modular setup of smaller cabs. The less tubes you have to pay for and the fewer heavy boxes you have to lug around the better.

You should check out the Crazy 8 and Crazy 88 cabinets. http://www.barryaudiodesign.com/crazy-8s.html These were originally designed for acoustic bass (!) but are full-range cabinets that are incredibly versatile. It uses the Faital Pro 8PR200 8 inch driver with an xmax of 8.15, and the 8 and 88 can handle 200 (8 ohms) and 400W (4 ohms) respectively. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/crazy8-and-crazy88.868215/ for a rundown.

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My first amp was a Peavy Microbass 30 I got from a guy on Craigslist a day after getting my first (and only) bass guitar from a record shop in Rochester.
I've rented numerous bass amps (I play guitar in my band, but we go through bass players like Spinal Tap went through drummers), and really dug the Orange Bass Terrors and vintage Vox amps I've tried.
But to be perfectly honest I love the third-gen Fender Rumble series a hell of a lot. I picked up a Rumble 500 Combo last summer and it's never failed me in terms of volume, features or tone.
Then again I play my bass through a Boss BD-1 when I want distortion, so I'm probably actual trash.
Custom-Built Strat
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro
Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo
I never liked the idea of an Ampeg SVT with an 8x10 'fridge, probably because I didn't like how popular they are with nearly every band you see in the rock based music scene with pick-using, root-note-slamming, clanky-clank sounding bass players... Once I heard one live, though, I knew why they were so popular.

Yea, I used to be that guy that pretentiously despised everything popular.

So naturally, I now use a Sansamp Bass Driver as my primary tone machine.
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I had a old Ampeg combo I used for gigging along with a Kustom KBA10 for practice. The Ampeg was severely underpowered, so I upgraded to a Eden Head and an Eden 210 for gigging with a GK 115 combo for practicing. Hated the GK, so now I just use an old Pignose H50 for practice.

After I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, I traded the Eden cab (58 lbs worth) for two lighter Markbass cabinets-- a 112 and a 210. I love the Mark bass cabinets, light and great sounding.
All i have is a rumble 15 so far, but it has only done me good so i can't complain. I'm lucky most gig bars here have all the equipment so you just gotta bring your instrument.
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1 - Peavey Rage
2 - Marshall practice amp (can't remember which model)
3 - Fender M-80 (my first semi serious amp)
4 - Fender Blues Deville 2x12 (way too much amp for me at the time)
5 - Epiphone valve standard

I now use 3 amps depending on the situation. A 30w Roland Cube, a Marshall Haze, and a '68 DRRI.

The DRRI has simply the most amazing tone I've heard on an amp.
I've had my dad playing my Variax JTV-59 guitar through the Traynor and SWR 810. Tone is fantastic! It's sweet, rich, and warm, yet still very clean. Could stand just a little more gain, so I'll be putting at least 1 AX pre tube back in. Gotta talk my dad into getting his own gear. Maybe a Valve King to start.
"Quick to judge. Quick to anger. Slow to understand. Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand-in-hand."
- Rush, "Witch Hunt"