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Help 'em out.
8 33%
Get bent!
8 33%
There's more to life than UG IQ, you know, but not much more.
13 54%
Voters: 24.

When you're just tryin' to walk down the street & some cat comes up tryin' to bum change or cigarettes or something off you, do you help 'em out?
Why or why not?
Depends what they're asking for, how they ask it, and what I'm able to give.
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I never have anything to spare and even if I did I wouldn't help anyone who wasn't blatantly homeless or whatever

Some people are real dicks about it as well. Once some random stranger asked my mate for a fag and got really pissed off when he said no. And some guy asked if I had a quid to spare for his train ticket when I was about to go into a pub and got all offended when I said no. He was like "waaah you're going into a pub you must have cash to spare wah wah wah sob sob". I only had some notes on me and don't give money to twats.
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One time this drunk guy kept trying to bum cigarettes off me & I was like "man I don't even smoke lol" so then he started vaping.
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Depends what they're asking for, how they ask it, and what I'm able to give.

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If I'm for example going to an interview I'll give em a dollar as a good luck charm. Or just if I'm feeling generous. There but for the grace of God go I.
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there aren't many homeless people who just straight up beg for money in ljubljana or at least i don't remember ever being approached that way. a lot of them sell the local street newspaper though which i often buy cuz half of the earnings go to the seller. most of them are chill people who just got fucked over a lot.

i tend to start up conversations with them when i'm drunk. last time we were drinking on the republic square we gave some homeless dude a bottle of wine and it ended up being a pretty interesting conversation about politics, at least from a drunk person's point of view

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da se pretulimo skozi to zimo
I give change sometimes
There was a woman with a dog when I was in the Melbourne CBD and I gave her a fiver
I like dogs a lot
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If someone were to just ask for some change or a cigarette I usually don't mind and give it to them if I have any. For people asking for like 5 bucks or something more substantial like that it depends on how much I have and on what my impression of the person is. I usually don't, even if I have it to spare, but some people I'm more prone to help out. I think generally the more uncomfortable with asking the person looks and acts, the more likely I am to give them larger amounts of money.
If it's some rando I've never seen before probably not.

If it's someone I've seen before who has not harassed me then probably yes. If it's a kid then probably yes. If it's someone from the slum at the end of my grandma's street then definitely yes. If I'm on my way to a temple then definitely yes.

But regardless of who's asking, I won't give them anything if my money isn't easily accessible. I don't wanna be rummaging through my handbag in the middle of the street.
I agree with RAB11. I've also noticed that I am more willing to help out during the colder months. Will usually buy them a hot drink or a sandwich or something like that.

The sob stories don't get me.. but people who come up with something creative. Yup. One guy asked me for some money because "His girlfriend jumped off a bridge and he need to buy scuba equipment" I gave $5 for that one.. Worth it for the laugh.
Depends. I usually ask them to do a little spin so I can check out their bum and if I don't like what I see then
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I never offer money. That tends to weed out the addicts real quick.
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im too nice so i p much always give change or cigs.

i can usually tell when someones looking to bum a cig and sometimes try to avoid walking near enough for them to ask or turn down a side street or something.

i also know where a lot of people hang out looking to bum cigs and avoid those spots. like my one job that was near the county prison, so theyd get released and hang out outside where i worked waiting for the bus and ask for cigs/rides.
I give that little guy a smooch.

EDIT: Get it, 'cause bums.
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I'll give someone change if I have it.
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One time this drunk guy kept trying to bum cigarettes off me & I was like "man I don't even smoke lol" so then he started vaping.

"why do you give homeless people money? They'll only spend it on drugs and alcohol"
"Whaddaya think I was gonna spend it on?"
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