I have a Modern Player Telecaster and I've been thinking about putting a new pickup on in the bridge. I mostly play Metal and I'm looking for good sounding bridge pickup for around $80. Any recommendations?

That's a picture of my Tele if it helps

Thank you all for your suggestions. I put a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge and it sounds great.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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Very broad question. If you are a noob to pickup swapping, high output humbuckers are generally what metal guys go for. Other than that, if you give me details as to what specific tone and response you want to send to your amp, I'll be glad to give my 2 cents.
I thought of John 5 right away. He plays metal on a tele. You might go for a Seymour Duncan Custom if you don't like the DiMarzios. For $80, you're probably only replacing one pickup on your tele, so I would go for the bridge humbucker.
In the USA I think there is a brand called GFS that make very good pickups for the price, people compare them to the big names all the time, some even prefer them. I'm not sure on the exact models though as I live in the UK and the equivalent is Iron Gear here, very good pickups also.

I would look at some GFS if you want to replace all 3 pickups for around $80
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You can pretty much go to town on the bridge pickup. If you mean $80 for the whole set, though, your options are fairly limited. GFS is definitely one, though look at reviews on individual pickups rather than for the company as a whole, since they seem to be fairly hit-and-miss. Humbuckers for the Tele neck position are fairly limited in variety - Seymour Duncan do one, GFS do a couple. Humbuckers for the middle position, which is a Strat pickup, can be had from pretty much any major manufacturer. $80 is a tiny budget for a set of pickups, though.
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+1 on the GFS thing. I had the VEH in a crappy partscaster and it actually made the guitar sound pretty good.
Check out Dragonfire pickups. I've heard some good things about them and they have single coils and others that are actually pretty decent looking. They're really cheap as well, and apparently better than some of what Seymour duncan has
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