Hi everyone.

I recently bought very nice acoustic bass, in really great condition, but there is this possible damage that concerns me.
I am not an expert and I can see that horizontal "cracks" on both sides are actually place where 2 pieces of wood were connected together, but I am not sure if those are just surface cracks in TLC or it could be more serious...

Please if you could give me your opinion, it is much appreciated.

Where did you get this? If it has any kind of warranty I'd take/send it back. Now. The fact that its set neck has matching cracks on both sides says that crack runs completely through the neck. Half of that has been compromised, so the other half is now carrying the whole load. It looks like the neck/headstock has been pushed down while the body was held firm. Or, someone used their knee as a pivot while pushing down on the body and neck at the same time. The vertical crack on the E side looks like its from the stress of being forced.
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Hi. I got this from private website ad.
It was advertised as (EX) excellent condition, and E side wasn't visible on photos, on other side I didn't notice crack.
Seller didn't mention any cracks, he was saying that bass is in great condition all the time.

I am not an expert, but in person, this vertical crack on E side seems to be just in TLC. Also I can't say about horizontal crack on E side, it COULD be just in TLC also.
Actually this other side, which looks not to bad, seems to be more serious than E side. It is exactly on join between the neck and the heel extension.

I can send it back but if this is mostly damage on TLC and in general nothing serious I am thinking about partial refund.
I will try to make better photos but it is hard to see even when looking at it in person.
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