I started writing lyrics a while ago but I haven't posted any in an absolute age so here's something I wrote literally just now. It only took me about 10 minutes but it seemed to come out so well. If anyone can relate or critique that would be brilliant. If i'm honest it is very Brand New inspired. You can interpret the title how you want.


Message sent recieved and read
Brain and heart filled to the brim with dread.
See all I need is another drink
And everything won't be all right
But at least some of it will.

Haven't seen sleep in 2 days now,
alcohol blocks her signals to the head.
Just need to erase the past sights
You and the polygamy
You and this fucked up poetry.

Like a feminine bukowksi inside.
As I scratch at my scalp all dried.
The stress is continuous.
Nothing less is expected thus.

The manic depressive lays hollow
Carved up from the absence
Nothing to absolve sins non-committal
'Cos he can't commit to anything.
He can't commit to anything.
Especially anything that he has said.

Hope you choke on the seed
Unrequited. And love.
Everything is what it seems.
Right now. And clarity.
It comes with receding.
It comes with a twisted stomach.
It leaves with the liar.

It leaves with death.
It leaves with the new me
It stays with life,
It stays with the old me.

Tie me a noose.
Pass me the revolver.
I'll bottle all that too.
Like when I think of you.

It's empty, it's empty.

What can we fill it with?
Maybe some silence.
Maybe some violence.
Maybe the love.
Maybe just the memory.
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