Got a pair of AV30s.

Playing into Focusrite 2i2

Trying out Bias FX as my modeling software.

Considering dumping the AV30s.....

At a crossroads whether i invest into a nice amp or stick with modeling software.

I have a bugera v22, but I like all the options of the modeling software (pedals, pre-sets, ect).

I'm strictly bedroom player for now.

Any advice is appreciated...looking at going from the AV30s to JBL or Yamaha 8s (hoping for a fuller sound, but not sure it's necessary $$$)


Eight inch speakers are really a game changer in comparision to three inch speakers. They provide fuller mid-range and some bass-frequencies too. I have 6" KRK monitors and they lack a bit of bass. For modeling software, go with bigger speakers.
although i'm new, this topic doesn't feel right in electric guitar section.. maybe in gear is better.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
I used to have the AV40s, and upgraded to Yamaha HS5s. That was a big enough difference. If you are talking about going from AV30s to HS8 then that difference would be even bigger. Whether or not you need 8" speakers over 5" or 7" however is a different question.
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...[ ] Any advice is appreciated...looking at going from the AV30s to JBL or Yamaha 8s (hoping for a fuller sound, but not sure it's necessary $$$) ....[ ]....
Well, whether or not you should step up from 3" speakers is on the verge of being a silly question. I'm sure the threes have plenty of detail, there simply isn't enough bass to allow you to understand what's going on in the bottom. You might consider a cheapie sub-woofer as a stop gap measure. The low E on the guitar is 81hz, well below the massive roll off you would get from drivers that small.

In reality, even a decent pair of fives would bring a startling improvement. Now when you talk about the difference between 7" & 8", that's not so clear cut. A good set of 7"'s might sound better than a mediocre pair of 8"'s.

Driver and cabinet design has advanced over the past few decades, it's very true. But, the classic "Studio monitors" of pretty much all time, were JBL's 4310's, which were 12" three way designs!: These were tagged as the "L-100" in a home version: Some history here: http://www.audioheritage.org/html/profiles/jbl/l100.htm

There's more than one school of thought. It's very often claimed that many engineers do the final mix on the types of speakers they expected the customers music would be using to listen with.

However, if you want monitors which could do double duty as home stereo speakers on their "days off" so to speak, the bigger the drivers, the better, especially if you expect to be listening to material that tends to be very demanding on equipment, like down tuned metal.

So, take that under advisement . I feel your pain though, decent studio gear is far from cheap...
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When I bought my studio monitors I was advised not to go below 5 inch woofers! That being said you don't want to go nuts if you don't listen super loud either. I think the poster above me gave you good advice that you would get from anyone with experience with home studio stuff. I bought M-Audio BX5as (~$300 pr) which are ok but I think Rokit and Yamaha have better for a little more than I paid.
Moving on.....
Speakers matter, precise placement matters. room tuning matters. Address all three if you want the best result.

In my rehearsal studio I have AV40 near field monitors, Boston A-100 floor standing monitors, and EV ZLX-12P powered monitors on stands. The room is tuned and sounds pretty good and the A-100s are full range and the sweetest sounding, but I do most of my critical listening on the cheap AV40s. It's good to have choices.
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Generally speaking, the size of the woofer has nearly as much to do with volume as it does with bass reproduction.

That said, I ended up with KRK Rokit 8's rather than the Rokit 5's. I play as much keyboard as guitar, and I play a bit of bass (not well, but...). The 8's have more power than the 5's, a bit more bottom end, and though I realized early on that I'd probably want one of the subwoofers to go with the pair of monitors, the 8's have allowed me to hold off on that purchase a bit longer.

The Rokits were changed from Gen 2 to Gen 3 a year or two ago. The Gen3's are about $250 each, but the Gen2's can be found for half that, sometimes still in boxes.