So I made a really great satisfying guitar tone using free VSTs.
I've been playing guitar for 8 years now, and I've never been truly satisfied with any amp modeling guitar tones.
You know how you'll make a really great tone one day, than go mess around with it the next day and it's just kinda "meh"?
I got one that keeps sounding good each time I load it up, so thought I'd share it :]

Here's the video I posted on it. Gives full signal chain and downloads for all the VSTs needed, thankfully it's free.

And no, not trying to promote my YouTube with this. My channel is centered around gaming, so nobody here is going to subscribe.
My music's on soundcloud, not YouTube.
I rarely RARELY make videos regarding guitar stuff or guitar tones, but this one just sounded so good to me that I had to make
a video to share.
If you don't want to watch it, that's fine (but exact settings are in it, as well as a time stamp for a tone sample). But it's basically just
Tuner>TSE 808>TSE X30>NarIR>Gate - With a Killswitch Engage IR I found years ago. It's been in my IR folder for ages, just never
tried it.

Anyways, hope someone out there struggling with creating a good tone using software alone finds this helpful :]
WORD for ki-ttae.

The rest I was interested in for information's sake, but otherwise not my thing. I know about it, though, and thought it was a classic djent tone. Clear and defined, and easy to get. I was using reagate for a while, but I'm a pre- user, and haven't been satisfied with it's tail-off, so have moved on to smoother gates. Love reatune.
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