So I found this bass while looking at the wayback machine and it looks relatively new.


The thing is, it looks very similar to this bass (the one i have)


The reason I'm bringing this up is because I cant find any information on the one I found on the wayback machine and was wondering if you guys know anythign about this. The only differences is really the bridge and the active/passive switch (which i would kill to have on the one i have). for me, i would rather have the wayback machine one then my current one because of the new additions.
It's essentially an evolved version of the early '80s P Special. They added a J at the bridge, a mid freq control, and a pickup blend. Obviously, the hardware is the modern equivalent. The originals had matching painted headstocks. Would've been a nice, unique touch to separate this newer model from the rest of their offerings. I had an '81 P Special, my first good bass. It was a fantastic instrument. Still kicking myself for letting that one go...25 years ago.
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