Hey there. My name is Lee I would like some help. I have two electric guitars, an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II in Ebony and a Honeyburst Vintage VRS150, a beautiful PRS Copy. Today I want to focus on the VRS.

The Vintage VRS150 has 2 Wilkinson® Double Coil MWCHB Humbuckers, and they have a beautiful, creamy tone, but I want to upgrade.
I play Classic/Heavy Rock like GnR, Metallica, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Arctic Monkeys, Blink-182, Kings of Leon etc. but I have also gained an interest in Metal. I like to watch Zakk Wylde ripping solos and listen to some bands like BVB and BMTH.

As I have a love for Zakk Wylde, I wanted to upgrade to his EMG 81/85 Sig. Set. And then the pickups from the VRS would be put into my LP.

Would the EMG set be good for rock as well? I like the tone of those but if they won't be so good then I would happily purchase SD Alnico II Slash Sig. Humbuckers. Can I have some opinions please? Which set would be better for Rock AND Metal? Do you have any other suggestions for a HH config?

Thankyou for any information in advance!
I'll just jump straight in and ask - what amp are you using?
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slapsymcdougal At the minute, a Kustom Dart 10FX. But soon I will be getting something better like a Line 6 Spider 3. Sorry for forgetting this.
Take that money and add it to your amp fund. The solid state spiders sound like ass. Give us a budget and we'll find a proper amp for you. Putting new pickups in that setup would be a waste.
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reincarnator Hey sorry for the late reply. I don't really have a budget. I know a lot about guitars but im not the best with amps so i just thought to get a line 6 as I know they are decent amps. I do a bit of gigging anyway and there are already things like a high end marshall amp etc. anyway so im not in too big of a rush for an amp. I just wanted to inquire about the pickups
Yes, let's shelve the PU idea for now and put all funds and efforts into a real amp. The most magnificent golden EMG pickup will just always sound like ass through a Dart or Spider. Let's get an amp that will allow guitar tones to really blossom and a PU change may not even be necessary.

Laney, Orange Dark Terror or Jet City are your friends.
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^ yeah. jet city's hard to beat for what they cost.

for the pickups if you know you want lower and higher gain tones i'd avoid both of those sets since the emgs are aimed more at metal and the slash pickups are pretty low output. Something more in the middle of the output range would likely be a better idea. something like a duncan jb in the bridge and '59 in the neck (if you want to stick to the bigger manufacturers, personally i'd probably get something handwound since you can get those for less than duncans in the UK, at least from some manufacturers).
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So first I'll reiterate that your money may be better invested in a better amp. . . .

However, for my $0.02 I'll steer you to the EMG 57/66 set.

Recently I was looking for these same types of tones as an alternative to thrash metal to change things up a bit. I really like the EMG 81/60 combo for metal and really DON'T like the Duncan JB for thrash metal. I do like the Duncan Distortion for metal.

However for the hard rock tones, the JB is pretty passable on the hot side of things. The squishy loose sound works well for it especially with the squishier settings on my Mesa. If this was my main tone I'd swap out them out though. I was looking at the SD Slash APH-2 set and the SD APH-1 set.

Then I thought, what about a set that could do both really well? This led me to the EMG 57/66 set. It sounds like it can do "metal" and hard rock by rolling down the volume knob. They are supposed to clean up nicely like passives but still give the definition and articulation of actives. Check them out.

Maybe to put this another way, if you have different guitars for different tones then maybe APH sets would be better. If you have 1 guitar and want both tones then the 57/66 may be better.
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I'll also agree with the suggestion of upgrading your amp first.

On the pickups, I'll suggest you give a listen to the Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers if you like EMGs. The tone they deliver is similar, but as passive pickups, you won't have to change the electronics or route the body for the batteries to power them.

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But soon I will be getting something better like a Line 6 Spider 3. Sorry for forgetting this.

Holy crap no whatever you do don't get a Spyder 3 or any SS Line 6, I had a 2X12 Spyder 3 I got for like $80 from a friend and it was a steaming pile of dog@%!#.

I like both the EMGs as well as the JB or Duncan Distortion both are great for metal, but get a better amp first tou will see a huge difference in tone rather than a small insignicant one, once you get abteer sounding amp then go for the pups if you get EMG sbe sure to 18V mod them.
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