1. Abominable Putridity -- Remnants Of The Tortured guitar cover (Ibanez S7420/Line6 Podfarm)

2.Abominable Putridity -- A Massacre in the North (with tabs)

3. Abominable Putridity--Letting Them Fall guitar cover (Ibanez S7420/Line6 Podfarm)

4. Abominable Putridity-A Burial For The Abandoned cover (Ibanez S7420 /Line6 Podfarm)

5. Abominable Putridity--Lack Of Oxygen guitar cover (Atomic Amps: Amplifier metal demo) (with tabs)

6. Abominable Putridity--Wormhole Inversion guitar cover (with tabs) (Ibanez RGIF7)

7. Abominable Putridity--The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin guitar cover (w/ tabs)

8. Abominable Putridity--The Last Communion guitar cover(Ibanez S7420/Line6 Podfarm)