I have slowed down a lot on guitar. I more or less stopped playing about 2-3 years ago for pretty much about 2 years. I have since started playing quite a bit more but I notice a seriously strange issue. My right(picking) hand seems... stupid. I tend to have trouble hitting the strings I want to hit individually. If the pick moves when I'm playing I literally have to stop playing to adjust it. My forearm seems to lock up so that my fingers won't easily adjust the pick.

I'm 34, I have no medical issues at all that I know of other than ADD. I do take Adderall for that. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.
I understand that, however I have been playing quite a bit again in the past year. I haven't paid much attention to it because I assumed it was a loss of muscle memory however a year later I can't manipulate the pick in my right hand without using my left hand.

Any injuries? Do you do weight training? Also bear in mind that if you believe something is going to be a problem mechanically, it will be. That can be sorted by playing very slowly with maximum concentration on each tiny movement, but also on awareness of tension anywhere (from fingers up to neck, and with breathing), and taking conscious decision to relax those tense muscles.
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I'd say the problem is having not played for a few years. Guitar's a bit more complicated than riding a bike.

Are you doing any kind of intentional practice on your technique? If you want to sound better, just work on your chops for half an hour before you start playing tunes.
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Sounds more like to me you don't have a practice regime and are just picking the guitar up and playing it. I appreciate it's a pain to think that you've lost that muscle memory and you're not as good as you remember, but well...

What you need is to develop a 5-10-15 minute practice regime to warm up with and start building that confidence/memory again. Do stuff like:


On all the strings moving up and down the fret board. It'll get the fingers used to being in sync with your right hand
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