A twisting, violent nether, grounded in cosmic truth,
Pulled closer to the center, but never bearing fruit.
Rebounding from the other, like dissolving light,
coalesce the center to bring unending night.
The lie of life’s eternity,
that one in silent depths,
of time and true obscurity, through the time that slept.
Birth and right all stolen, shattered against the tide,
of new and hot and wonderful, the future's lips would sigh.
So anchor the mind of a billion sides within your crushing heart, and I
in turn release you, bring forth the fire’s start.
And on that day's true gravitas, will make its will be known,
With justice thusly righted,
and still, still, by my trembling soul.
This was really great.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

It sounds poetic but I'm not quite sure what it's message is but that's not necessarily a bad thing.It's got some good rhymes and a lot of good words. I had to google coalesce and gravitas to figure out their meaning. I like it.
Constructive feedback appreciated!