Hi there !
I've been busy writing/mixing/producing music for my band Ocean Whip the last years, and we've released 3 songs since "Disappear" which you guys kindly
wrote some very nice things about.

Our latest is Wicked Daydreams", just released !

Guitarfacts : Scalloped Fender Stratocaster from 1972, heavily modified, through some fuzz/overdrives into an amp-processor straight into Cubase.
Reverb is VST Tsar by Softube,which I recommend for everyone.

There is a guitarintro, using short volumeswells and lots of vibrato. Took a long time just to find the notes I wanted.
At approx.02:15 I'm starting the introduction to the guitarsolo, which came out
quite nice,I think..short but sweet, just as intended.

Hope you enjoy the track, comments welcome.

Best regards, Per

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That's really cool to find something different than metal here ! Great song and production. The chords progression is quite interesting and the guitar sounds at the beginning are very original too ! Keep rocking !

Rock In Peace.
Thank you so much, Guillaume ! It's not metal,that's for sure :-) Tried to compose a radiofriendly song, and it's on rotation on several stations in a few countries. That's very inspirational, your kind words too !