I recorded this today and would like some feedback on my bluesy improvisation.

The thing I really would like to know is if my solo work is decent enough to keep paying attention or if it's just boring.
How's the tone?

I find it hard to judge it by myself so feel free to comment!

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Hey! Nice improv, your playing sounds good, maybe a bit soft, about the musical part, I think it's too short to judge, it is interesting, but I feel like this is the slower part, or the beginning to something that is going to sound more exciting. Then again I have no idea about blues, so that's just my opinion.

The tone, I think it should be a bit deeper in the mix, so you can hear both the background and your soloing with more balance, but if it's a backing track, I guess there's not much you can do about the whole mix in general, just play with the eq/volume of the guitar until it sounds good.

Good job and nice playing, keep going!

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The improv starts off interesting, but further on in the improv it starts to sound a bit random. I would advise you to make some longer, connected phrases. This is something I struggled with myself, but just try by yourself to make some longer runs that you can have. I also feel that your dynamics are a bit stale in the way that you use the same dynamic too much. A way too add dynamic would for example be to start off the guitar clean, and then use the wah effect later on for emphasis. Think of the improv as a narrative. John Mayer actually has a very good video on this topic.

Overall nice playing, but as always there is room for improvement. Keep posting videoes of your progress. It would be cool to follow you on your journey.

I would really appreciate a critique on this:
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