So I plug my epiphone les paul into my amp and there is a background buz. I touch anything metal on the guitar and the buzz erupts. I ground myself and the buzz dies down again until I release the ground connection.

Then I plug in my active bass into the amp and there is silence, not even thas background buz.

How can I fix my guitar to make it silent too?
go over the grounds, check the bridge ground, and do some shielding in the cavities if it needs it.

the paint-on shielding is awesome, but it's not cheap. the adhesive film works well too though
trashedlostfdup I have had a look and I cannot see anything wrong with the wiring but still get a good aweful buzz! maybe a dodgy volume pot? Could unsheilded wiring be doing this?
So now when I touch the outside metal of the Jack while it is plugged in, the buzzing stops. What could be causing this?
the grounding is messed up somewhere.

could be a pot or jack. chase it around with an ohm meter is all I can really say, or reflow the solder joints and get lucky. its hard to tell if i can't lay my hands on it.
I really think it is the bridge ground.
I have to agree with trashed, no way to tell unless I can get my hands on it. 15 minutes in my room with an ohm meter and I'll know exactly where it is. Check or re solder every ground you can find, including at the bridge, and the wires going to the jack. Some contact cleaner sprayed into pots and switches might be a good idea too.

I've had to redo boatloads of cold solder joints in my newer Fender Pro Jr, so some cold solder in a Epiphone wouldn't surprise me at all. Pay close attention to any black wire that attaches to the back of a pot, take off the rear cover and wiggle everything in sight while it's plugged into an amp, redo the solder in every connection you can find if necessary. Don't forget the bridge ground and the one on the output jack.

If it were mine I wouldn't even think about it twice, pull out the soldering iron and start sniffing solder...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
FIXED! So what was it? There was a ground wire running from the toggle switch to the out jack, with the switch itself being grounded to a pot case. This all looked fine. In desperation (also having replaced the old volume pots and retiring half of the harness) I unsoldered that wire and ran a wire from a pot case to the out jack. SILENCE! I then replaced the out jack with a new stereo jack, connecting the old grounding wire also to the earth so as to be double safe and to shield the wire from the switch to the jack. I also lined the cavity with copper tape (and soldered all the pieces together & wired to a pot case) to shield the cavity; not sure if that helps but it won't harm.

There is still a slight buzz that goes away when I touch the out jack metal, but this is barely audible. Not sure how to address that, maybe because I have metal Pickup Rings that aren't grounded?
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