Looking to wire a Seymour Duncan P-Rails in the neck of a Les Paul with a humbucker in the bridge, two volumes, one tone and two 3 way switches (one for the p rail one for pickup selection)

Is there any wiring diagrams available for this configuration? Is it even possible to wire it like that?

Quote by morson93
How would that be wired up then?

Would that give full capability out of the p-rails?

Would you wire the p-rail to that, then wire it to the pot as a standard humbucker?

I'd really suggest accessing the link and directing those questions to SD.

There are at least four modes under which any four-wire humbucker can be accessed: Coil #1, Coil #2, both coils in serial mode, both coils in parallel mode. In the case of the P-Rail, coil #1 is a true strat-style single coil. Coil #2 is the P90 coil. Both coils in parallel mode is a humbucking mode that's generally lower output, and both coils in serial mode is full-on humbucking mode.

There are a lot of ways to access some or all of these options. The Triple Shot rings allow all four without requiring any additional drilling or loss of existing pots. And yes, you'd wire that to the pot as a standard humbucker.

I have P-Rails set up with two three-way On/On/On miniswitches (like those on my '82 Ibanez AR300) that select single coil/P90/serial mode. I've left parallel mode off. This requires drilling one new hole and installing one three-way miniswitch for each pickup. There are a LOT of other wiring options, but those are pretty common.

Note that there are three levels of P-Rail output. There's the one that SD has now designated "neck pickup" that has the lowest. There's a higher output pickup they've usually called a bridge pickup, and there's a third version that's hotter than the normal bridge pickup. My P-Rails don't follow SD's plan, but that's another discussion. You just need to know they're there, and you may actually want to consider the hottest one in the bridge position. Or not.