Hey all, I ordered a custom LP style guitar for my company which has stock Chinese P-90s in it... the guitar is fantastic, really exceeded my expectations, but the pickups are obviously as cheap as they could make them. The neck actually sounds alright but this is my first guitar with P-90s so I don't have anything to compare it to.

I've checked out the GFS pickups and they're within my budget range - but I've ordered hum buckers from them before and I gotta say I've never really been impressed by them. Only tried their pickups twice though. Can anyone recommend any good P90s, preferably for under $200 (for the pair) or vouch for any of the GFS P90 sets? I was considering the new Slick line of GFS P90s for $72.95 (not sure whether to get the "Junior" or the "Special")


P.S. if it helps at all, the body is mahogany... and the sound I'm after is for heavy rock/blues sort of stuff - think Tim Sult from Clutch. Nice n crunchy and versatile, and with balls.
I'd sit tight if I were you -- whatever you buy in terms of "budget" soapbars is likely to be just another set of Chinese P90's.
Frankly, the basic Gibson P90's remain the gold standard for P90's; good chance you can find a clean used set.
And if you get a ways ahead on money, I'd suggest checking out a pair of Mike Reilander's handwounds (he's in Vancouver).
Stay away from underwound P90's; they claim to reduce noise, but they also reduce balls seriously as well.

And if you really get to a point where you're rolling in money, check out the Kinman noiseless P90's. Unlike their noiseless competition, they actually sound like a P90 should sound.