I have a Dynacomp and I really like it. Today I went to the local music store and they asked me if I would like to try the MXR Custom comp as I asked for it a while ago. Then they told me that they had the deluxe custom comp and the studio compressor.

I did not like the deluxe, but I liked the custom comp. It sounded a bit similar to thedynacomp. I also liked the studio comp but it is quite different. These 2 compressors are quite expensive boxes, are these worth it or should I go for something like a Keeley or a Diamond compressor for the same money?
The Dyna Comp and its close relations are known for a pretty specific kind of very squishy, mid-boosting compression. If you dig that sound, get a Dyna Comp and be done with it. The Custom Comp is basically quieter Dyna Comp with a trimpot inside it, which is fine but not a huge difference if you like how the Dyna sounds already. "Quieter" is pretty meaningless as nearly none of the noise you get with a compressor is the compressor's own noise, just the noise from the rest of the signal chain that is unavoidably amplified.

The Studio Comp (which can be had slightly cheaper as the Bass Comp - exactly the same pedal and, I think, better looking) gives you fantastic control that can get you in the Dyna Comp range but its primarily a "utility" compressor rather than an "effect" compressor. It's a really good one, though. The Keeley two knob is, I believe, essentially a high-quality Dyna Comp clone, for those who can't bear to pay £50 for something when £100 will do. I'm sure it's very well made, but the Dyna will do the same thing just as well. Keeley four knob and Diamond Compressors, much like the Deluxe Custom Comp, will be great if you want a "utility" compressor, but if you want a Dyna Comp sound they won't do it any better than the Dyna.
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