I'm pretty much trying to play anything I can get my hands on honetly, however, I am trying to compile a list of songs that I want to be able to play perfectly so we can get a few gigs in local pubs, which is mainly inhabbited by the generation who grew up in the 70s and early 80s. However I consistanly hit walls either by tuning (because they just don't sound right), complexity/length of the solos (I don't mind having a long solo really, but not for the entire second half of the song, come on).

Since the audicence wouldn't notice the difference between us and the next band, I'm not looking for anything too challanging, if it were an actual fanbase and people actually came to see us, that would be a different matter, plus the fact that we haven't really done anything live, so easier songs are better to roll for to start with.
I'd recommend checking out some of the who (but you'd need a good drummer/bass player)

Fleetwood mac-the chain
David Bowie- Ziggy stardust
Neil young- Heart of gold / hey hey my my (into the black)
The sex pistols-anarchy in the uk
The smiths- there is a light that never goes out
The clash- london calling
The ramones- blitzkrieg bop
Pink floyd-wish you were here
Iggy pop-lust for life
Styx- suite madam blue
Black sabbath- paranoid
the rolling stones- wild horses
Stevie Nicks- Edge of seventeen
almost any song from the 70's were in standard tuning, especially popular ones. Almost all of the songs from led zeppelin 3 and 4 are standard, the entire dark side of the moon album and a ton of other songs and albums were in E standard
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I just posted this one which is pretty easy in standard tuning. I think all the songs on my youtube channel are 70's hahaha. They have to be easy otherwise I couldn't play them. You may get some ideas and a heads up on how to play them if you check out my channel.

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