Track title: Pilfered seeds
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/resila-pilfered-seeds

Hey guys!

I wrote a new track called Pilfered seeds. I felt this would be a good outro track for my project Resila (though I still have more on the way for this!). With my other tracks in this project, I've been trying to approach music dynamically, particularly with drum track programming as I now feel a bit more confident with creating drum tracks. Like my other tracks, I have trying to balance melodic, softer leads with a heavier rhythm section. That being said, I would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding this track.

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Thanks dudes!

@silvadolla: Hey, thanks for your critique on my track, I really appreciate it. As for your track, I think the effort you put into the drums is very noticeable. However, I think you might be accelerating a little fast in the piece, try listening to Fen or Skogen if you haven't already, they do this style of black metal well. I enjoyed all the melodies and sections but I felt a lot of them could have held on for a little bit longer. In particular I like the break around 0:48. It's not often you hear shredding in black metal either, and that is a welcome change IMO. I could picture this piece working as an intro to an album. The guitar tones are very good BTW, although the kick and snare could be boosted a tad. Looking forward to more of these pieces from you, I'm a big black metal fan.
Wow this is a very good track. I like the way you used dynamics in your song, I love mixing quiet and aggressive sections in songs to create a dynamic. I'm also playing with drums and drum programming, and I think you did a great job with the drums in the track. Overall, I think this is a great track to work with. I think you could use this as a opening or a closing section no problem.

I don't know what your personal goals are with music, but I will give this one piece of advice for what it's worth. I think your instrumental stuff is really good, but if you want to make a splash, work on lyrics and singing or look around and find someone to add it to your instrumentals. The right lyrics and vocals will put your stuff over the top.

Love to hear new music man keep it up.