Few things to keep in mind:
1. Try avoiding hit unneccesary strings. It makes your playing to sound out of tune, because it adds by mistake some incorrect notes.
2. Press the frets a little harder. Especially on barre chords. Your guitar is buzzing a lot.
3. Also, try playing with a backing track, or at least a metronome. You can also play with the original recording, on youtube. It will improve your rhythm and timing and will help you play much more smoothly.

Overall, its very good! Just keep working on it Good Luck!

Hope you can comment on my cover thread also
Quote by joao.thrasher1
dinezra11 Its hard dinezra11 , i am self-taught guitarrist, just five years of playing.

I didnt say its easy Master the guitar is not an easy task.
But dont worry, if you practice a lot you will be great.
You've done excellent so far, I just indicated some points which I recommend you to pay attention to in order to success.

Dont give up, good job on the cover. If you need any help, feel free to PM me Good luck