So I've recently become interested in attempting some eight fingered tapping. One thing I'm not too sure of though, and this is also a concern I have regarding the hammering from nowhere, unassisted Rick Graham style of legato, what exactly do I do when descending(pitch-wise)? Should I just be hammering on in reverse order? Or should I hammer on with my fourth finger and then pull off from there? The former feels very unnatural with either my left or right hand, but the latter is just a tad messy and inefficient for my tastes. So I thought I'd ask you guys, what is your approach to this?

I also had a question regarding placement of the right hand. Should I have my right hand directly above the neck with my thumb behind it, like an upside down version of proper classical technique? Or is it best to just let my right hand float like I would for normal single finger tapping? I heard someone someone state the the first option is best, but I've also seen Chris Broderick letting his hand float in videos such as the one provided below.

The section I'm referring to begins at about 1:13.

Thanks in advance.
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It really depends what you're doing; Chris is floating his hand in that video because, really, he's not doing anything massively complicated with his tapping hand. If you watch this:

You can see that when he's doing more advanced tapping figures, involving more fingers on his picking hand, he does adopt a position that's much more like typical fretting, but upside down. It's also worth looking at Stanley Jordan doing his complex tapping thing to see the same:

The important thing to note here, I think, is that both of these parts where the player uses that many tapping fingers are very specifically played in that fashion and there's no changes back to 'standard' playing to speak of.

It's probably also worth watching some bass players do this sort of thing, particularly watch this:

Pay close attention to the way Stu's tapping hand changes position depending on whether he needs to hold down a bass note or if he's just tapping out the melody part. You can clearly see that when he needs to do more complicated things with the tapping hand, that involve more fingers and such, he puts his thumb behind the neck and treats the whole arrangement much more like a regular fretting hand.

As with almost everything else in guitar, the real answer to the question of what to do is... 'It depends'.

Now, the other part, about hammers from nowhere, again it really depends what you want. Both of the approaches have a very definite sound and feel, neither is really better than the other at all. My approach is to hammer the first note from nowhere and pull off the rest, but as I say, that's my preference because it fits with the technique I know (I'm too lazy to learn all-hammers), and because it sounds the way I want it to. The important thing is what you want though.
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