Hey guys, new song here,

I was at Ballast Point brewery and I heard the song where is my mind by the pixies. Inspired to write a Pixies sounding song I came up with this. As usual the end result ended up sounding quite different but I still liked it. Would like to know what you guys think, please leave a comment and post your music and I will review it for you as well. Have a great day!

fucking love this track actually. lol. as soon as the bass came in i just KNEW i had to play with it cause i just happened to be tuned in B lol. Love the flow of it, the song writing itself is awesome too. Simple, not too much, not too little. Drums are written really well too for it. The drum parts really make the transitions from riff to riff really smooth. That is saying something coming from me.... because i dont really listen for drums too often when im listening to music. Good job man. i feel like as well done as this track is... that means NOTHING coming from me lol you gotta be pretty experienced at your craft... more so than i am at elast. Good job anyway though.. love this backing track... and am very very very confident when i feel like playing with a backing track in the future this one will come up.
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