I've started playing guitar after a long break of many years. I was self taught and never learnt the proper technique. So after seeing some YouTube videos, I'm trying to correct my technique and here's what I have noticed
1) When I practice with the Classical Guitar Position, my left hand shoulder gets easily tired. Is this because I am so used to the wrong way of practicing that this right way seems..."wrong"....to my hand? I play a steel stringed acoustic by the way. Not a nylon stringed classical one. I sit on an armless chair, use a footstool and prop the guitar on my elevated left thigh.

2) When I practice the Chromatic Position, the left hand thumb kind of "creeps" up or down along the back of the neck. So If I'm playing on the sixth string, its slightly above the middle of the neck (but still not peeking out so that it can be seen from the front), and as I start descending down the neck, it sort of "wiggles" down, like a snail wiggling along its path. When I go back from the first string to the sixth, it sort of "wiggles" back. Its I dont think this is right.

3) I have to keep my left hand thumb sideways on the back of the neck to keep my fingers straight. If I place the pad of my left hand thumb at the back of the neck, my fingers, especially the index finger goes in a sort of oblique way.

4) I also noticed that most of the left hand pain is due to my left hand thumb pressing really hard on the back of the neck. So I tried playing with my left hand thumb "away" from the neck so that in time, I will not apply much pressure with the left hand thumb.

Anyone experiencing these issues? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I would really be thankful if someone could answer.

Please let me know.
Thank you for taking time to respond.
1) ok. I will practice more. I can only manage 30 minutes a day but I try my best to sneak in more time.

2) and 3) Yes. I do keep my thumb vertical, but its sideways. The attached picture should make my point clear.
4) Please let me know if taking the thumb away from the neck and then praticing for some time is a good idea. Of course, once my left hand learns not to use thumb to apply pressure, I can place it back on the neck.
Please let me know.
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Thank you once again for replying. I'll try to get the finger exerciser.
On a completely different note, I've ordered Al Dimeola's "Guide to Chords, Scales and Arpeggios" and hope that one day I'll be able to effortlessly play all the stuff given in it. May be I ordered it too soon. Hahaha.