Hey guys so I've been doing some home recordings lately with Reaper, Bias FX (demo) through a Line6 UX2 audio interface. I haven't had any problems up until the other day.

When I go to record my guitar or even if I'm just jamming, my guitar tone is going in and out. I'm using a nice blues preset tone from Bias but it keeps losing connection or something. This goes for any preset I use as well. The guitar still goes through and sound is coming out but my entire tone just dies for a few seconds here and there. It sounds like a nice tone then it goes to the standard sound you get when just recording the guitar without any VST's or anything, just that dull tone of the guitar going straight through. Then it goes straight back to the preset tone which is obviously the sound I want. I'm really confused as I've never had an issue like this before. Any help or suggestions?

I tried to explain it to the best of my ability but I can do a small recording and upload it to show you what I mean if that would further help.Thanks guys.
I'm pretty sure the BIAS demo drops the sound every once in a while to remind you to buy it.
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the chemist I think you're right, I just tried going straight through into Bias demo without running my DAW and it's doing the same thing frequently by dropping the sound.

I ran the guitar straight into Reaper with no VST's or anything as well to test it out and the sound is just fine. It's annoying for sure, but I guess my best bet is to just go ahead and purchase the actual BIAS program. Thanks for the responses everyone, much appreciated.