I'm an 18-19 year old guy who loves most kinds of rock (especially grunge rock) and I'm in love with the sound of the guitar.
However, I never touched a guitar myself (same goes for every other instrument). Now, I've mad up my mind and I'm going to buy my first guitar next week.
My question is: what's the best method to approach the ways of the guitar? Should I get a teacher, or should I teach myself?
The problem is, I got to work for my food (without a degree) and my parent won't support me financially (also im quite shy in public).
I'm sure that I'd be able to attend some classes if I save up a few months, but is it worth it?
I've heard many stories of how great guitar players never took any lessons and just followed their heart with the guitar.
Are those stories complete bullocks, or can I manage by myself? Are there any downsides by not getting a teacher?

Thx for your time,

greets jostyfrosty

btw: what are some easy beginner songs so I can start next week?
jostyfreak Welcome to UG and the world of guitar playing! Good to hear that you have already decided on getting a guitar. What are you buying? When it comes to learning it will be something that YOU will have to do. Personally I would recommend to look into online lessons on YouTube basically focussed on explaining what a guitar is, what the parts are and what each component does to fully understand what you're holding in your hands. Then some video's about basic techniques such as how to hold your pick and how to place your hands (trust me, this is quite important to keep you from injuries and stuggle) There a dozens of good lessons on YouTube. You say you like grunge rock which is, basically, a good genre to start with. Pick a song an add "lesson" to it and YouTube will probably provide you with it. If it all doesn't work out you could consider taking a few lessons. They never hurt. The great thing about those is that you will receive instant feedback from a teacher.

Good luck and bare in mind not to give up to early. It can be quite frustrating. Oh, and those blisters will heal!

Thank you very much for replying!

I have no idea what guitar I'll get. My plan was to walk into the store and let someone help me with my choice.
My budget is 250 +- euros, is that enough to get a decent guitar (Belgium)?

Again, thank you for your time

Hello, happy to hear you're going to start playing. I may be a little late, but I would say get a teacher. I had a teacher and he REALLY helped me along.

Good luck, and stick with it!
What would we do without guitars?