So I just picked up a second-hand Duncan Stag Mag to put into my LP copy (because fuck tradition ).
Everything was going well with the installation until it came to actually mounting the pickups.
When I went to put one of the mounting screws in, I realised that one of the threads was completely stripped (the other is fine).
Now, being a ring-mounted guitar, I can't just ream the hole out and direct mount the pickups.

I could in theory get a thread tap and just re-tap both sides to a slightly larger diameter (M3 maybe?).and just use larger screws.
Alternatively, I could ream the holes further and somehow fit some kind of captive nut (epoxy or soldered?)

What are you guys' thoughts?
^yeah, go with M3. M3 is a common size for asian guitars so finding the mounting hardware should be pretty easy.
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Otherwise you can probably get a press fit threaded insert if you don't want to change the screws. You would have to drill the hole to the proper size and then put the insert in with a pliers.
Quote by Rusty_Chisel
i would just epoxy a nut that fits the screw to the top side of the pickup tab

just be careful not to get any epoxy into the threads.
Honestly what I would do is just buy a new baseplate from Mojotone or something and change it. It's not hard.
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